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About Us

Global Soft Technologies is built on a strong foundation of technology, integrity & seasoned professionals with more than a decade of experience.


Our primary business is to provide customers the ability to procure, deploy and manage their IT assets most effectively from all vertical industries in India. And deliver effective end to end solutions to address the business challenges of our customers. We see exponential growth with our customer support & are geared to be a leading preferred supplier of software solutions in India.


We are staffed by experienced and certified staff who can understand your requirements. Our staff is trained to provide dedicated and unbiased sales support and first line technical assistance.


With partnership of over 100+ leading publishers, means that we can offer the best possible solution that fits your requirement & budget and deliver it within the shortest turnaround time.


We have a sourcing team who are dedicated to source software from thousands of other publishers worldwide effectively saving you time.


We prides ourselves on our ongoing customer support capabilities which include offering its customers advise on optimum licensing of software, alerting customers to renewals, upgrades and cross‐grades, assistance with activation or transfer of licenses, etc..


Constantly drive by a vision to ensure highest standards in quality of product and services.


Global Soft Technologies is running with today’s time of Software Development Life Cycle, Application Lifecycle Management, Business & Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning & Internet of things & other technically sophisticated domains and a technology partner of choice for global organizations looking to strategically transform, grow and lead in today’s challenging business environment.

Meet the Team
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