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ActiveState Platform

State Tool – ActiveState’s Package Manager

Language ecosystems, operating systems, build tooling, and dependencies continually change. Trying to line up all these factors in order to automatically build any arbitrary runtime environment at any point in time is a combinatorially complex problem.

The State Tool is the command line interface (CLI) for the ActiveState Platform. It lets you manage your Python and Perl projects right from the command prompt. You can work on your projects and environments, all with a single tool that supports Python and Perl on Windows and Linux!
Create new projects
Build and install packages from source code
Automatically create virtual environments for each project on your local machine at installation

Active Python

Accelerate your data science and software development with ActivePython – a secure, supported Python distribution.

Active Perl

Support your mission-critical applications with commercial-grade Perl from ActiveState – The world’s most trusted Perl distribution.

Active TCL

Support your mission-critical applications with the world’s most trusted Tcl distribution.

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