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Company Info,is an Upcoming Market Place store for third party software products. We provide an integrated, end-to-end online store for Corporates- with a wide range of leading third party software products delivered over the web.


Our relationships with principal companies and has made our customer experience highly effective and convenient to buy software products Our Vision is to bring Immediate accessibility to tools of you need-to make your workflow on timelines, fast accurate and Economically Viable.


Our customers Success is path to our growth that can be achieved with high technologies available on click of a offering products, services and support in both online and direct mode and making sure each customer has a pleasant experience in finding what they are looking for, easily and quickly - a responsibility that we continue to carry every day.


Led by an extremely dynamic leadership, a key aspect of the Global Soft Technologies with over 19 years of experience in this Industry, Our mission is to become an enabler and catalyst towards a positive change in the software distribution model over the Internet in India. A number of tools and services designed to make your visit as efficient as possible are available. We also provide a parallel frontline sales and support mechanism to help you find and procure what you need.


Our Services division provides assistance to customers in identifying the business benefits of planned technology investments through a roadmap on how to achieve and deliver your technology strategy. The road map can help customers transition from one level of maturity to the next and provide tangible benefits for each transition. Our Consultants interview the Heads of Business Units and the IT team to document their perceptions of IT Services assessed for Importance and Capability. To understand your unique challenges and business vision our consultants analyse the current state of your IT infrastructure. In this we use a variety of requirement analysis tools and surveys that help us determine the pain areas from both the technical and business points of view.


To make the technology investments more effective, efficient, and beneficial, to your organization we provide best of breed solutions tested, designed and implemented by qualified and certified professionals. We assist you in identifying needs and securing measurable results, thus, building a strong relationship. We take the responsibility to guide and advise you. We focus on helping the client achieve strategic short- and long-term goals through the use of our products and services. Our Technical Support Services enable you to focus on your core competencies while we extend the customer experience through highly trained, certified staff and enabling technologies. Our array of tier one, tier two and tier three support – plus advanced technical services – flexibly matches your business growth demands.

Meet the Team
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