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The rise of the 5G during 2020


Since the launch of 5G for the first time in in the UK by EE network in May 2019 and there was -and still- raising demand on it and its supporting devices, and even though coverage for 5G is still not as widespread as the 4G, but, when covered the internet speed is mind-blowing, and as we approach the end of 2020 most devices released and awaiting to be released in the future will have to support the 5G network to dispatch the customers with super fast low price internet.

How and when exactly will the 5G can make an IMPACT?

That's what 5G already accomplished:

• Trillions of dollars were added to the global economic output

• The GDP grew by over than $2 Trillion dollars

• over than 20 million job vacancies have been occupied

Compared to the previous generations, even though all of them doubtlessly made an impact yet if we will rank each generation, 5G would get the first place because of a bunch of factors which we will discuss later.

Is 5G fast enough?

The design of 5G is headed to deliver up to 20 Gbps speed in its peak based on IMT-2020 requirements, still if it is compared to the latest generation before it which is 4G, 5G would be 500% faster, comparisons won't be even fair to previous generations, because as fast as 5G is, still it is not only about speed here,

5G is also designed to deliver lower latency so that the user of 5G can maintain a more stable experience as the data rates will always be as high as possible no matter if the user keeps moving around.

As well it delivers more network capacity because it has the ability to expand to a totally new spectrum, for example mmWave

5G battle versus CORONA VIRUS

Whenever something related to technology is invented the first thing pops up is "Radiation" and that's what happened, 5G got a lot of attacks claiming that something with that powerful technology is of course generating a high quality radiation that simply will penetrate the human body which will have a negative impact on the human health.

These claims somehow delayed the rollout of 5G in many countries especially UK, but perhaps the most powerful theory of all the theories is the suggestion that 5G weakens the immune system, and this may help spread viruses such as COVID-19.

As we all know 5G waves are a part of electromagnetic spectrum and it is right that a high frequency radiation may cause pose dangers but 5G is in low-frequency waves categories like home Wi-Fi for example so scientifically 5G can't be the cause of COVID-19 disaster.

Can 5G be a Surgeon?

Beside all the wonderfulness of 5G, 5G has been linked to a totally unexpected field which are healthcare and surgeries!

In the beginning of this year a doctor inserted a stimulation device in the brain of patient who was 100 of miles away from him, if you still don't know what does that mean, it means 5G soon may cancel off all the flights that are done for medical treatment needs, simply soon you will be able to book with the doctor you want without putting into your consideration the distance factor.

If we thought that in the future the cars would fly, I think 5G did what is more complicated and more harder for the human brain to believe.

Can I use 5G on my current phone?

Unfortunately, not, 5G is not supported on all phone devices but if you are thinking about getting a new phone, you have to rethink if you want to neglect having a 5G compatible device

and here are most of the devices that support 5G from some brands until now,


Samsung is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, so they won't miss something as important and efficient as 5G in their new mobile phone versions

Samsung Galaxy smartphones that support 5G:

• Samsung Galaxy S20

• Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

• Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

• Samsung Galaxy Note 20

• Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

• Samsung Galaxy Fold

• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G

• Samsung Galaxy A90 5G

• Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

• Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

• Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

• Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


As a new upcoming mobile phone provider, and they always had a mentality of delivering powerful smartphones at great prices, they followed the same steps in 5G.

Realme smartphones that support 5G:

• Realme X50 Pro 5G

• Realme X50m

• Realme X50


Because of the very few apple mobile phone releases, since they release from 3 to 5 models only a year, they haven't been the first to add 5G to their mobile phones but this year releases were all compatible to 5G

Apple phones that support 5G:

• Apple iPhone 12

• Apple iPhone 12 Pro

• Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

• Apple iPhone 12 Mini

HMD Global (Nokia)

We all can see the updates running by HMD Global the previous period and how strongly they returned to the race track again, and finally they releases their first 5G mobile phone.

HMD Global (Nokia) phones that support 5G:

• Nokia 8.3 5G

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