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Redgate Deploy

SQL Monitor

SQL Toolbelt Essentials

Automate database deployments across teams and technologies
Increase the frequency and reliability of deployments with Database DevOps

The world’s most popular tool for monitoring your SQL Server estate
Get an estate-wide overview with fast deep-dive analysis

Essential industry-standard tools for SQL Server development & deployment
Double your productivity with industry-standard tools
Include SQL Server databases in agile processes
Standardize development with easy to use tools

SQL Provision

Accelerate the delivery of database environments for DevOps teams
Speed - Refresh development, test, and CI environments in seconds
Risk - Mask data subject to GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and other regulations
Space - Shrink TB-sized databases to tens of MBs
Quality - Catch issues early and improve release success
Control - Manage database provisioning from a single UI

SQL Prompt

Write, format, analyze and refactor your SQL effortlessly

Data Masker

Enhance your data security with an automated masking approach
Reduce significant time to provisioning to benefit the users of your non-production databases

SQL Clone

Clone SQL Server databases in seconds and save up to 99% disk space


Version control for your database
Robust schema evolution across all your environments.
With ease, pleasure, and plain SQL.

SQL Backup

Compress, verify, and encrypt SQL Server backups
Fully verified SQL Server backups you can rely on

SQL Data Catalog

Accelerate identification and classification of sensitive data
A regulation-agnostic approach to growing compliance and regulatory needs

Source Control for Oracle

Easy database version control with Git, SVN, and TFS

SQL Source Control

Connect your database to your version control system

SQL Compare

The fastest way to compare & deploy SQL Server schemas

Schema Compare for Oracle

The fast way to compare and deploy Oracle schemas

SQL Data Compare

Compare and deploy SQL Server database contents

Data Compare for Oracle

Compare Oracle tables and deploy differences

SQL Toolbelt

The industry-standard tools for SQL Server development & deployment
Double your productivity with industry-standard tools
Protect your data with backups and monitoring
Include SQL Server databases in agile processes

.NetDeveloper Bundle

Fantastic value on our .NET development tools for performance optimization and debugging

ANTS Performance Profiler Pro

ANTS Memory Profiler
.NET Reflector VSPro

DXperience Subscription

Windows 10 Apps
Desktop Reporting
JS - Angular, React, jQuery, Vue
ASP.NET Web Forms
Bootstrap Web Forms
Web Reporting
XPO - ORM Library
CodeRush for Visual Studio
Icon Library

Also Includes:

Technical Support

Source Code

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